BLOCKWATCH provides a platform that empowers block managers &
tenants to take action & responsibility for their own ASB/Crime & Safety by building
stronger connected communities with a proactive approach to crime prevention.

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Tenant Reporting & Communications

Tenants are provided with their own secure dashboard communication platform provided by the block manager or their resident association representative. Our easy to use reporting system on the tenants dashboard allows them to upload, Videos, Pictures,and make a detailed statement ANONYMOUSLY. Our reporting system allows them to add additional information or anonymously communicate with managers.

  • 100% Anonymous Reporting Guaranteed

  • ASB Reporting
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Crime Reporting
  • Tenant Communication

  • Crime & Block Alerts
  • Block Notifications
  • Property Identification
  • Crime Prevention Training
  • Content Registered Program

  • Create an Account for FREE
  • Register Content (Up to 5 Items Free)
  • Upload Photos (Add photos of your possessions, receipts and invoices)
  • Update Status (Mark property as lost, stolen, damaged, in just a few clicks)
  • Transferable (Just need to change your address when you move)
  • Content Marking Kits (Purchase one of our starter kits)
  • Transfer to Insurance To Expedite Claims (Automatically transfer pics and receipts to insurance)

Block Manager Dashboard

BlockWatch optimizes ASB protections systems which is the most advanced online case management system for tower block management that provides a step by step process to assist block managers collect, organize,validate and present evidence in a timely professional manner.

  • Case Management

  • View reported evidence
  • Organize evidence
  • How to investigate and collect Evidence
  • Respond to anonymous witnesses
  • Delivery notices to tenant on their Dashboard
  • Document & track evidence for workplace harassment
  • Transfer to authorized 3rd parties
  • Block Communication

  • Tenant Arrears Notices
  • Tenant Notices
  • Community Alerts
  • Block Bulletins
  • Block Manager Asset Management

  • 3 Easy Steps to Register Assets
  • Easily Upload pics of Assets
  • Access from anywhere
  • Easy Search for your assets
  • Asset Location and Authorization

Enterprise Management Dashboard

BlockWatch dashboard offers all the necessary data in one place to access current information in only a couple of clicks. Ultimately, it can form a sound basis for your strategic decision making.

  • Enterprise Dashboard

  • View complete block portfolio
  • View all tenant reported incidences
  • View manager workplace harassment reporting
  • Investigate workplace harassment
  • Monitor Block managers responses
  • Assist block manager with investigations
  • Block Manager Harassment Training

  • Block Manager Incident Reporting Training

Insurance Gateway

BlockWatch provides a range of services that helps manage the smooth operation of the online Quotes & Claims Portal. The swift, streamlined and secure dashboard exchange of all relevant content information and evidence claim information and documentation between block manager,tenant aims to reduce operational costs and agree outcomes promptly.