Short Term Letting Neighbour Complaints Management

Protects hosts from Neighbour complaints that can damage brand reputation or lead to compliance violations and removal of licence.

Incident Reporting and Case Management For Damages & Accidents

Developed by experienced investigators provides hosts with the most advanced step by step process for collecting and documenting evidence

Neighbour Complaint Management Dashboard

Fully Automated Holistic Approach to Neighbour Complaints and Communications Management.

Preventing complaints from neighbours for my short term rental, starts by engaging your neighbours and keeping them informed.

Benefits of the STR Neighbours communication dashboard

  1. Access to a reporting platform that allows them to upload evidence and submit it Anonymously
  2. Provides neighbours with a reporting platform for neighbourhood ASB complaints anonymously to council or police.
  3. Provides easy to use area Crime reporting
  4. Host can keep neighbours informed about new guests and other issues
  5. Neighbours can post notices and bulletins for all neighbours

Host Incidence Management and Communication Dashboard Benefits:

  1. Eliminates or significantly reduces false reports
  2. Reduce council or police involvement
  3. Reduces time collecting evidence of potential guest agreement violations
  4. Provides a step by step process of collecting additional evidence
  5. Demonstrates commitment to reducing neighbour complaints and keeping the community safe
  6. Forward incident evidence to authorized 3rd parties
  7. Keeps neighbours up to date on complaints and guest arrivals
  8. Provide neighbours with additional community benefits
  9. Host can easily provide access for all neighbours dashboards